Unified Conferencing

Using Video Technology to collaborate with your employees or co-workers is not the future, it is the present.


Today’s modern society requires capable Technology to virtually connect with employees, customers and organisations globally as communication is one of the pillars that a successful company thrives on.


Integrating renewed ways of communication throughout your existing hardware is what we do, connecting you with any device.

Global Video Productions

TPEX International specializes in providing any kind of video related services to enterprise companies who wish to streamline their communications.


We support the business processes by optimizing communications and knowledge sharing between global teams or customers, and broadcasting information to selected groups in- or outside the company boundaries.

Organising a Business Event or Congress can be a great way to stimulate work ethics, build relations, launch products and share knowledge.


Holding a speech is easy, composing the technical fragments around the Business Event is the real challenge. Integrating Audio-visual solutions for your personalized Event by meeting your every desire, is where we come in.

Event Productions

TPEX International

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