Unified Conferencing

Consider TPEX as your Virtual booking office. From providing the location to testing, monitoring, connecting and personal assistance on site.

Using Video Conferencing and Telepresence contributes to the reduction of operational costs of organizations, such as traveling can be avoided or limited, and therefore, increase efficiency and productivity of your staff members. TPEX aids your company in realizing the full potential of Video Collaborations Technology.


We have over 3.500 High-end Videoconference Rooms located throughout the entire globe at our disposal. If a preferred location has already been chosen, we bring our technology to you. We can connect these rooms to any device. Virtually connecting your private facilities with anyone, anywhere on any device. These conferences can always be accommodated with dedicated support such as testing services, monitoring services, and personal assistance on site.



‘White Glove Service, is our standard.’

Robert Rosier, CEO of TPEX



In extension to the High-end Videoconference Rooms we also provide Video Platforms that allow you to broadcast conferences to more than 100.000 people simultaneously. Whether you are planning to hold a Global Executive Board Meeting, Job Interview, Town-Hall Meeting or even a call with the parents. TPEX can be considered as your Virtual booking office.

Are you looking for a Video Conference location or wish to have it locally in a public area, such as business centers or a hotel? Or just want an exploratory advice? Let us know by sending us an email at scheduling@tpex.com and get a respond within 12hrs!

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